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For bike enthusiasts who love to ride at night, new light features found in our Bright Eyes Bike Lights can help make your next biking adventure much more exciting, while providing a brighter, safer, and more visible path wherever you go.

Here at Bright Eyes, we have developed a hi-tech rechargeable bike light, using the highest quality of strong aircraft aluminum.  Each light produces a powerful 1200 Lumens of extreme bright light and provides the most efficient bicycle lighting that can last 4 to 8 hours, even with intense use in the most demanding of situations. You’ll never need to worry about riding in the dark again!! 500 ft. of pure brightness and 3,000 ft. of visibility!

Other features these Bike lights have:

Five Easy Bike Light Modes.  These bike lights are the first on the market to have five easy  light modes: High mode with a powerful 1200 Lumens; Low mode with 300 Lumens; BRIGHT Strobe mode; if you push 3 seconds while light is off, the light transforms into a 5 mode light, providing a medium mode light of 600 Lumens and a S.O.S pattern.

Waterproof. These lights are not affected by water so even when you are riding in the dark,  on a wet stormy night, you will still have bright, consistent light!!

Multifunctional ability. These may also be used as headlights, and flashlights for various needs and applications when biking, camping, running— anything, making these lights not only durable, bright, but also versatile!


I have never wrote a review before so that should give you a hint that so far I have been happy with my purchase. I have not yet put the light on my bike but I can tell it is very bright and what made me realize I made a great purchase was from the sellers. I just got a call from A girl named Emily right now asking if I liked the product and was wondering if it came on time (which it did) and I just thought that was an awesome thing because I order many things off amazon and I have never gotten …
Richie Meister

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